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Success, happiness and meaning? Where do these things come from?  Are some people just lucky? Perhaps they were born into money? Maybe they were blessed with the right genes?

But if that were it, why are there so many stories of people who created incredible lives despite having everything against them; no money, no beautiful looks and no extraordinary talent?

And if money, luck and genes were all that mattered, why are there so many Harvard educated trust fund babies living lives no more extraordinary than the average American?

The reason? Life happens to us, but more importantly we happen to life. These things are not found. They cannot be given. There is no way to buy them. Most importantly, there is no secret law of positive affirmations that will make them magically appear.

That’s because these things are chosen, action generated and created from within. And like any great creation they require mastery of certain skills.

I call them


Perception, Ownership, Wisdom, Engagement & Resolve.


I have several personal development programs I created to help you no matter where you are starting.

Next Level Human
Introductory Course
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Living a life of happiness, success and meaning is a skill you can learn. In this course you learn the key elements of how to get started.

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Next Level Romance

Great relationships are not about “you complete me.” They are about “you grow me.” But to find your next level partner in growth, you need to be a next level person to begin with. This program covers meeting, dating, relationships, and the science of great sex and moving on from heartbreak.

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Next Level Human Coaching Club

A group coaching program and book study group. Each month get on a call with Dr. Jade & Danny Coleman. Life coaching, group support, online coaching portal, book reads and self-development cheat sheets all for a ridiculously low price.

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Time Millionaires
How To Make Money Online
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When time is no longer money, work no longer feels like work and your income grows silently, you have become a “Time Millionaire.”  I have been able to realize this reality for myself and this free course is my way of giving back.

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