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When most people think of the metabolism they think it works like this:

Eat less → Lose weight → Have a balanced, healthy metabolism

That is completely wrong and backwards. It actually works like this:

Balance the metabolism → Automatically eat less → Lose weight and get healthy.

See the difference? There is no generic, off-the-shelf diet or health regime that automatically leads to weight loss and health.

You don’t find a diet or program to follow, you build a lifestyle from a deep understanding of your unique metabolism, psychology and personal preferences.

That is why I started the company Metabolic Effect or ME.  It is the Sherlock Holmes of the health and fitness world.  Helping you find what works for you.

It is like going back to school to earn a degree in your metabolism. What you need is to stop being the dieter and learn how to be your own metabolic detective. That is what I teach you to do.


I have several programs I have developed to help no matter where you are starting.

The Metabolism School
( free course )

Get started with the first step of learning to decipher your metabolism and how to construct a diet perfectly suited to you.

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The Stress Diet
(Free Course)

If your metabolism no longer responds to diet and exercise, stress is the problem! Dealing with the fat storing aspects of stress requires an entirely different diet and exercise approach. This program teaches you how.

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The Menopause
(Free Course)

I don’t care what you have been told, you are not crazy. Your metabolism changes dramatically at menopause and the diet and exercise approach you have been told to use is actually working against you. Find out how to lose weight and get your body back even through menopause.

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