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Male Attractiveness: The Female Perspective.

Share This Post: I am known as a health fitness guy.  It is where I have published most of my work.  What many don’t know is that I have been working in the field of self-help and self-development


My Code Of Conduct: 10 Behaviors Of An Enviable Man

Share This Post: The last few years have not been easy ones for me. I lost my way. I got distracted.  I chased all the wrong things and trusted all the wrong people.  I did not completely live up


Why Your Relationship Sucks & How To Make It Work

Share This Post: I am just going to say this from the start. You may not like this blog.  It is going to be in your face a bit and if you don’t like the word fuck, stop


Why I am a racist, and you are too.

Share This Post: Imagine a bunch of Italian Americans sitting around a large dining room table with a million different food items spread out in front of them: A big bowl of bread, a giant 10L bottle of