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Fasting: How To Know If It Will Work For you- Episode 17

Share This Post: How do you know if fasting will work for you or not?  What are the different ways to fast?  How does the metabolism respond to fasting. In this podcast Dr. Jade gives you a full


Stop Caring What People Think: How To.

Share This Post: There is someone’s approval you seek, and it drives you crazy that he/she won’t give it to you. I know what that is like. Historically I have cared little about what others thought about me.


Q&A Podcast 1

Share This Post: In this episode Jade takes direct questions from listeners. If you would like to submit questions for the Q&A podcasts go to www.patreon.com/jadeteta. Share This Post:


Erections: The Science & Tools – Episode 16

Share This Post: Erections? Every man, and every mans lover, wants strong and lasting erections. The erection is a complex interaction between the brain, biochemistry and blood vessels draining into and out of the penis. In this episode