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Heart Broken? Why You Fall So Hard, How To Move on

Share This Post: Let me share a private message I received some months back from a woman in her late twenties.  I am partly paraphrasing and part quoting.  The message was this: “You don’t know me, but I


No More Mr. Nice Guy: Why She Calls You A Pussy

Share This Post: It has been said that, “good guys finish last.” I am not a fan of these “rule of thumb” statements. They rarely represent the entire story, yet often get it completely wrong. That being said,


Delusion and the Pursuit of Personal Growth

Share This Post: I often talk about delusion as a major block to being able to see the world, and ourselves, clearly. The official definition of delusion is, “a belief that is firmly maintained despite being thoroughly contradicted


The Mindset, Body Change Habit

Share This Post: Have you ever heard the saying, “change your mind, change your body?” You know it works the other way too,right? I know this is a concept that gets by many people. They have heard the