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How To Find The Right Diet- Episode 24

Share This Post: There is only one true rule of nutrition and that is, “do what works for you!” But that answer is not satisfactory for many. As humans we prefer certainty and want everything spelled out for


Q&A Podcast #3

Share This Post: In this Q&A podcast Dr. Jade talks about BCAA vs. Whey protein. Women & HGH. Adaptogenic herbs. Supplements for sleep. Metabolic conditioning workouts and more. Share This Post:


Thyroid: All The Details

Share This Post: The thyroid gland is a master metabolic regulator greatly impacting growth, energy, fuel use, metabolic rate and much more. In this episode you learn the basic science, how to test thyroid function and little known


Stoicism: A Beginners Guide- Episode 22

Share This Post: Stoicism is over 2000 years old. It precedes most of the major religions and the most influential stoics lived during the time Jesus supposedly lived and the bible was being written. This is why many