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Next Level Human: How To Become One.

Share This Post: The steps to becoming a next level human:   Step 1: Know Yourself (Verum Videre) To know thyself is not just to study thyself, but to also see through the stories you are trapped inside.


Weight Loss vs Fat Loss: Key Distinctions

Share This Post: Fat loss requires a very different thought process compared to weight loss. These distinctions get lost on many people, yet are perhaps the most important concepts to understand in switching to a fat loss mindset.


Hormones vs Calories: The Metabolic Feedback Formula

Share This Post: Which matters more, calories or hormones? Not an easy question right? Calories influence hormones and hormones influence calories. The truth is: both matter. From my perspective, hormones matter more because when properly controlled, the hormonal


Sleep, Hunger, Mood, Energy, Cravings: Is Your SHMEC in check?

Share This Post: Is Your SHMEC in Check? It is true that in order to lose weight — and more specifically, fat — you do need to have a caloric deficit. But, a low-calorie diet does not lead