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The Gut in Metabolism – Episode 20

Share This Post: The gut is a major hub of metabolism, not just in its digestion and assimilation of calories, but in its hormonal and bacterial impacts as well.  In this episode Dr. Jade talks about some of


How To Deal With Someone Who Does Not Like You- Episode 19

Share This Post: How to deal with someone who does not like you? As a human it is not easy when someone does not like you, but critics and haters are everywhere. In this episode Dr. Jade got


Q&A Podcast 2

Share This Post: In this podcast Dr. Jade answers questions about pregnancy and breast feeding. Thyroid and intermittent fasting. Vaginal dryness, estrogen and progesterone therapy, erectile function and more. Share This Post:


Lying, Gossiping & Growing Up- Episode 18

Share This Post: Lying and gossiping are something all humans do. They are also some of the most destructive forces in human relationships and severely detrimental to the process of maturing as humans.  Why do we tell lies?