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Dating. How To Approach (women) & Reject (men) – Episode 28

Share This Post: How should a man approach a woman he is interested in? How can a woman reject a man she is not interested in? A mix of the research on dating with a healthy dose of


What Matters In Nutrition? Quality, Quantity & More – Episode 27

Share This Post: What matters more? Calories? Hormones? Timing? It can get very confusing can’t it.  In this episode Jade teaches you the different aspects of nutrition to pay attention to: amount, type, timing, order and setting. Share


Next Level Human Introduction- Episode 26

Share This Post: Next Level Human is a model that integrates several different psychological frameworks as well as philosophical principles to help people understand how to live a life of growth, happiness and meaning. In this podcast Jade


How To Build Muscle- Episode 25

Share This Post: So you want to know how to gain muscle? It comes down to a simple formula CCPW (calories, carbs, protein and weight training).  In this episode Dr. Jade covers all the details. Share This Post: