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Q&A Podcast 1

Share This Post: In this episode Jade takes direct questions from listeners. If you would like to submit questions for the Q&A podcasts go to www.patreon.com/jadeteta. Share This Post:


Erections: The Science & Tools – Episode 16

Share This Post: Erections? Every man, and every mans lover, wants strong and lasting erections. The erection is a complex interaction between the brain, biochemistry and blood vessels draining into and out of the penis. In this episode


Digestive Health: Help With Constipation – Episode 15

Share This Post: Digestive health is critical for dealing with constipation and many other metabolic issues. In this episode you get the basics of how the digestive system works.  It is the largest place of integration between the


How Do You Stop Overeating? – Episode 14

Share This Post: How do you stop overeating? First you realize that much of the debate on eating has centered on either fats or carbohydrates. In reality the science has been with us for awhile. Highly flavored diets