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Natural Medicine, Physical Fitness, & Self-Actualization

It seems I have been a coach my entire life.  I remember being in the 3rd or 4th grade and bringing an old cardboard box filled with faded hand-me-down football jerseys to school with me. At recess I would hand these out to my classmates and run them through the drills and calisthenics I saw my older brothers do at their football practices………SERIOUSLY!  Why those kids did what I told them, I have no idea…….but as I look back now I guess I was always a natural influencer in that way.

From an early age I developed a love and passion for physical fitness. It made me feel powerful, capable and was a means by which I could practice what I now call “emotional alchemy.”  If I became sad or anxious I purposely turned those emotions into the more directive emotions of fear or anger. I then transformed those emotions to motivation and channeled that energy into my workouts.

Physical, mental and emotional have always been different shades of the same color to me. I learned at an early age to use the energy of one to help me in the realm of the other. Physical performance helped me master mental and emotional challenges and vice versa.

For a time as a teenager, American football became my love and the meaning behind why I worked out.  But that quickly developed into me writing fitness programs for my high-school friends and their moms. I also started to become the go to person my friends sought out, opened up to and expressed their feelings, fears and life trials with.

I started to realize there was something about me that made people feel human, safe and inspired.  I started to own this power and sought to develop and cultivate it.

By the time I was an undergrad I found my two worlds of fitness and psychology merged. By day I was studying biochemistry and working as a personal trainer. At night I was immersing myself in people as a bartender at the most popular bar and dance club on campus. This was an amazing experience. These two worlds provided some of the best education one could hope to gain in social psychology and fitness.

My love of health, fitness and self-development was the focus in my college days. I read almost every book I could find on psychology, spirituality, diet, exercise and weight loss.

I then went to medical school, but because most medical schools in the country had zero training in either diet or exercise I was forced to take a different route. I took a huge risk to chase my interests and my dreams and went to a little known school, at the time, called Bastyr University.  Back then integrative medicine was in it’s infancy and was not at all the phenomena it is today. I had no way of knowing alternative and complementary medicine would become such a mainstream and sought after medical specialty.

While in medical school I immersed myself fully into the amazing education. I deep dived into biochemistry, hormonal metabolism and was able to take extra shifts in counseling, including couples counseling. Along the way I took advantage of as many educational opportunities as I could afford. I did countless seminars, self-development trainings and life-coaching certs.

My specialties in fitness, hormonal metabolism and the psychology of success and change solidified during this time.

When I got out of medical school I immediately moved away from primary care medicine. There was a principle of naturopathic medicine called docere or “doctor as teacher.” This spoke to my meaning and unique strengths. As a result, I opened a consulting clinic and an online health & fitness business called Metabolic Effect (ME) with my brother, Keoni Teta.

My focus became helping others find their unique formula for success in health, fitness and mindset.

I have now worked with well over 10,000 in person clients. I have taught hundreds of thousands through my online video workout programs and my health and fitness books. Millions have been exposed to my blog and business Metabolic Effect (ME).

This process forced me to learn everything I could about business, online marketing and money. I was just a guy doing my passion and had no idea it would result in my becoming a seasoned entrepreneur and success coach. I took a small local bootcamp to a popular international workout, engineered an online following in the hundreds of thousands, built a supplement company, wrote books, released over 50 online programs and created a million dollar company.

Today I am in the transformation business. I help people change their lives in the realms of mindset, money, fitness and health. I feel incredibly fortunate for the success I have had in all these areas and I am passionate about teaching these concepts. This website is a hub for all I do in the areas of health, fitness, lifestyle design and success mindset.

Contrary to what many think, life design is a skill that can be learned practiced and mastered. You are not born into it and luck has little to do with it. That is one of the things I am most passionate about teaching and super excited to share with you.

I am charged up that we are getting a chance to meet and I am incredibly honored you have chosen me as a teacher, influencer and mentor to get you to the next level in health, wealth and relationships.

Dr. Jade Teta (Warrior For Change)

“Natural Medicine, Physical Fitness, & Self-Actualization”

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